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Python Beginners Lessons

You may or may not know, but the Python programming language is not young by any means. While it’s...

Python Beginners Lessons

You may or may not know, but the Python programming language is not young by any means. While it’s...

Java Fundamental

In fact, that’s just one of the reasons why it has become so popular in recent years — it’s a ...

WordPress Basics

Django Girls is an initiative that is aimed at introducing women who have never coded before to the ...

13th March 2020

Techtalk 2.0

Don't just talk. Be heard!

16th December 2019 - 20th December 2019

Digital Week 2019

A One week tech fair holding in Aba, Abia State Nigeria

1st October 2019 - 31st October 2019

October Workshops

This October, we will be holding three sets of workshop on Python, Django and Machine Learning

1st July 2019 - 30th August 2019

Traincamp 2019

The biggest tech training bootcamp of the summer

8th April 2019 - 19th April 2019

Progressive Web App Training Workshop

Learn to develop web applications that can behave like native mobile apps in this two week workshop, and master how to use Github for collaboration

29th March 2019

TechTalk 1.0

Ashpot is organising the first ever tech live talk show this March - it is TechTalk 1.0

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9th March 2020

You can't hide passion - Omaka Samuel Dike | Ashpot Student Story

Today we wish to celebrate a true pacesetter and an unflinching agent of change in the person of Omaka Samuel Dike - a former intern at our great company.


26th January 2020

Digital Week 2019 - Official Report

The official report of Ashpot Digital Week 2019. This is how it all went down.


19th December 2019

Introducing Digital Week 2019 Tech Fair

Introducing the 2019 Digital Week Tech fair organized by Ashpot in partnership with various companies and media units


10th October 2019

Learn Django Web Development in Two Weeks

It takes two to Django! Are you ready to join our two weeks Django Workshop this October?