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Before you start, here are some courses that are currently being taken by most students

Python Beginners Lessons

Learn all basics of Python language programming. This is a foundational course to teach you everything about the syntax and sructures of the Python langauge

Java Fundamental

Java is the right language for gaining a strong footing in object-oriented language. This course teaches you Java from the ground up!

Build Professional Websites with WordPress

WordPress is a web Content Management System (CMS) built with PHP that enables you build website with little or no knowledge of coding. This course teaches you how to create amazing webistes (e-commerce, blogs, portfolio websites) with WordPress

Pre-Order at reduced price of $50 or N20,000 before December 28th, 2020!

The Django Full Course - Learn Django step-by-step by building an actual project with Psalms Kalu is premiering on January 15th, 2021 for $150 or N75,000 only. But as a special offer to you and other Django lovers, you can pre-order the course right here on AshpotLearn for a reduced fee of $50 or N20,000. This pre-order will give you access to a special one month direct mentorship by Psalms Kalu.

Expert Instructor

Psalms is a reputable Django Developers with over 10 years experience in building enterprise web application.


Ashpot is a reputable brand in IT education, an AshpotLearn certificate will be awarded to you upon completion of the course.


Once you pre-order, you are added to a private Whatsapp group with the author and What's more you get to participate in shaping the course by suggesting what you want to see in the course once released.

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Do you think you have a valuable I.T Skill? Do you want to make money by training others and imparting your skills to others. Here is an amazing opportunity to share your skill with the world and earn money. Become an AshpotLearn instructor!

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